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As governments begin to ease some restrictions we can find the guidance rather confusing.  Northern Ireland has allowed complementary practitioners to return to practice.  England, Wales and Scotland have yet to follow.  Whilst we may not favour being included in massage parlours, what we must realise that it is to with close contact and touch.  When we see them being returned to practice, that when we can also return to practice.  As we do then return to practice we will have to follow social distancing, it may be 2 meter or 1 meter dependant on the environment and space we will practice in.  Face covering could well be necessary especially when in close contact with the patient/client, after the treatment and you are able to safe distance you can remove the face covering.  Face covering can  be a face mask or visor face shield.  You will have to provide sanitizers so that as your patients/client to come in and on the way out you must ensure that they use the sanitizers.  You will need to take personal details, name - post code and telephone number, which comply with track and trace regulations.  You will need to keep this information for 21 days.  You will need to follow hygiene rules, regarding cleanliness of your practice area.  Chairs, couches will need to cleaned after each patient / client.  Likewise if toilets are used they will have to be cleaned after each person.  Calculating the maximum number of patients/clients that can reasonably follow social distancing guidelines  (1 or 2 meter with risk mitigation where 2 meter is not viable) and limiting the number of appointments at any one time. Take account of the floor space.  Maintaining social distancing in waiting areas.
COVID-19 related screening questions to be asked of patients/clients ahead of their appointment including: Have you had the recent onset of a new cough?  Do you have a temperature? Have you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell?  If the patient/client has any of these symptoms, however mild, they should stay at home and reschedule the appointment.
There is a great deal to consider as lock down will be eased, the above is an extract drawn from a 26 page document, there is much that does not apply, however, as always if you need to discuss any issue or guidance we can give, please contact Ray Williams, email:  or telephone 029 20 633256.





FROM:     Ray Williams  CSSI & HPAI          
TO:                 Affiliated Churches/Groups & Healing Organisations
SUBJECT:  Coronavirus.                     DATE:  June 2020

The period of lockdown is beginning to ease albeit there are 4 governments to make decisions and issue guidance.
I enclose a copy of the report that was posted on the HPAI website and Face book.


All policies expect members to act at all times with reasonable skill and care.

You must comply with all aspects of the law, and this would include any guidance issued by the government with regards to the Pandemic.

Current social distancing rules must be adhered to i.e. 2 meters, until such guidance changes.

It follows from this that there must be no physical contact or proximity in carrying out these therapies, again until guidance changes.

Any deliberate act such as to flagrantly ignore the law or guidance issued by the government would render all cover nil and void.

If therapies are able to continue subject to the above then all members must carry out full risk assessments and safe working procedures.

Legionella risks because of water stagnation during the outbreak.
If your building has been closed or had a reduced occupancy during the coronavirus outbreak, water system stagnation can occur due lack of use, increasing the risk of legionnaires' disease.  If you feel you need further advice you can find it on the HSE website:
We at the Cardiff Church have run tapes on a weekly basis and this should be adequate.
To ensure that the water in the plumbing system is fresh, run all tapes individually, starting with the tap nearest to where the water enters the building then move systematically to the most distant outlet.  It should be sufficient to run until the water is clear and feels cool to the touch.  Where water is from cisterns should be emptied and filled with water direct from the incoming supply, before flushing the taps.  Ensure that all appliances are also thoroughly flushed through before use.


Up to time writing Churches can only reopen for private individual prayer,  Social Distancing several Churches have informed me they could not open with this restriction.  I can fully understand, their predicament as the Church in Cardiff could only accommodate a maximum of 8 people with the 2 meter rule, a few more with 1+ meter.  When we can open hygiene will be paramount, deep cleaning, provision of hand sanitizers for people to use on the way in and on the way out.  Chairs would have be cleaned after ever service,  We must realise this virus is a killer and it has not gone away, could be with us for sometime yet.  When we can hold services  there will be no singing as they say germs can get into the air,
The insurers mentioned risk assessment each practitioner should undertake a risk assessment for protection and that of the patient/client.  Ask yourself are you safe to practice, do you have any symptoms?
Should you design a form to include the patient / client personal details  important in the event of contact tracing.  Questions to ask:
Have they been in contact with anyone who has or has had COVID19?
Have they or anyone connected with them been abroad recently?
Are they self-isolating?  Are the shielding (high risk group)?
These are the issues you need to be aware of and for you to decide if you can proceed with offering an appointment.

As usual make sure the area is free from clutter,  If using a chair make sure wipe down after each patient / client, likewise if using a couch wipe it down after each session, also a clean sheet of protective paper.  Make sure you offer your patient / client a hand sanitizer before and after treatment.  This would apply yourself also.  If the guidance states that you must wear face covering, you must do so or you will be in breach of your insurance, as indicated by the insurers.  

The position as I complete this report is, the guidance is that whilst hairdressers and barbers can reopen on the 4th. July other close contact services must remain closed.  I would urge you to check the guidance as it occurs.  Remember that there are four governments each deciding at different times.

There are a large number of members who have not renewed there membership and insurance.  If you do not wish to lose your continuity with your  insurance you should consider making a payment.  Details of how to make payment is on the website and face book.

May I once again thank you for your understanding and support.
Ray Williams




The period of lockdown has not been easy at a time when touch has never been so important.  Social distancing has become so important to protect peoples health.
Many Practitioners not renewed their membership and insurance.  The advice given by the insurers and underwriters, is that it is important to keep up insurance in order to maintain continuity.  If continuity is broken and let say there was a complaint, say two years' ago brought against a practitioner, if continuity is broken then no cover would be available.  Insurers also emphasised that hands on therapies are no go areas at present, that is while social distancing remains in place.

The term 'Massage Parlours' used by the government is not ideal we will have to watch further as to what the government as to say on the matter.

What will happen when we return to practice?  We assume that over the next few weeks, months the four governments will announce adjustments to the social distancing.  The English government has referred to areas, such as personal care (including beauty salons) may reopen on the 4th July 2020.  This is not a guaranteed date.  There must be confidence that any adjustments to the current measures will not risk a second peak of Coronavirus.

The insurers also mentioned hygiene.  What will happen when we return to practice?  Will practitioners need to wear face masks or face covering.  Face masks are normally used in a variety of respiratory conditions,  surgical masks, worn by those working in medical areas and health care workers.  The term 'face covering' is normally used to refer to a mouth and nose covering, which can be made from cloth, which has been demonstrated on our television screens.  At the  present time there is no specific advice from the four governments, that has stated therapist will be required to wear face masks or face  coverings when administering treatments.  Most treatments offered by our members involve close contact with  patients/clients, therefore, it is likely that the wearing of some type mask, will be appropriate for the type of therapy that will be used.

With strict social distancing in place, a number of members have ways to support individuals and their well being, through remote means, the use of emails, telephone and live video apps.  In order for you to cover the type of support used, members must ensure that membership and insure is up-to-date.
If you are qualified and insured to practice therapies that can be conducted remotely, such as counselling or other types of talking therapies, you could offer these to those to a client, as a safe alternative to therapies that involve contact.

You can contact the organisation by email to:
 Also by telephone on Wednesday and Friday between 2pm and 4pm on 029 20633256.  May I thank you for your understanding and support during this difficult time.  Ray Williams




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The Annual General Meeting scheduled for members on the 25th of April 2020

is now cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

We will keep the membership informed of any changes through medium of the magazine, which we will produce in due course.

Thank you for your continuing support and for your kind donations.

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