The Healer Practitioner Association international was established in 1977 to promote the art of Spiritual Healing. The HPAI maintains a register of all approved practitioners Healers and Healer Counselors. As an Association, we are committed to provide a high standard of training and education to potential Spiritual Healers by organizing courses for such purpose. Following completion of the period of training, the association awards a certificate of competence to those individuals who meet the criteria to practice as registered spiritual healers.

We can provide courses in:
Bereavement & Loss Counseling Psychological / Behavioral Disorder and Counseling Skills


The Association was awarded a life time achievement award in Holistic & Spiritual Healing





We produce a magazine periodically which is circulated to all members of the Association. The Association relies totally on membership subscriptions and donations to survive. Anyone wishing to make a donation, could they possibly make a cheque/postal order payable to the HPAI office in Cardiff. We are truly grateful of receiving any donations possible, however great or small.

The Association holds its Annual General Meeting of members in April each year in the City of Cardiff South Wales Uk.
There are Regional and Area Officers Trainers and Assessors countrywide.
The Association is properly constituted and is recognized as a charity by the Charity Commission. All Practitioners must work to a ' Code of Conduct and Practice' which has been prepared by the Association.
We also have a Complaints Procedure and Disciplinary Procedure.
The Association keeps abreast of new information and participates in research and survey schemes.
Our aim is to maintain a good standard among our Practitioners and to provide them with new or changing situations within the law and healing practice.




The Christian Spiritualist Society and Healer Practitioner International was founded by Ray Williams in 1977, and who has remained the chairman to the present time. On Saturday the 21st of April 2017 at the Annual General Meeting, there was a celebration of 40 years, and Ray Williams presided at this special meeting to celebrate the society.

The management team has decided to grant fellowship status to members who will have completed 20 years service by the 1st of April 2017, and certificates and badges will be presented to those who qualify and who'll be present at the meeting on this special day. For those who are unable to attend the meeting will receive their certificates and badges through the post.

Afternoon tea will be served after the meeting has closed, which will then give time for those present to chat freely. At 7.00PM there will be a demonstration of mediumship too.

We would appreciate it if you could attend, and well as give us notice for catering purposes.

If you think that you qualify for the fellowship aware and have not as yet applied for the application form, you can either write to us, telephone, or even email your request.

The address i:

CSSI & HPAI, Unit 17,45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff CF24 4AB

Telephone: 029 2046 5171



A very special thank you you Ray Williams for all who have supported him and the society over these years.